Chicken Fried Vogue

For 15 years and most of her adult life, Bubblez lived in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city. She enjoyed taking her children to museums, parks, and dates at Starbucks. Then Bubblez moved to the country and her En Vogue attitude got chicken fried. Her yard is a park where the neighbor's rooster won't stop crowing, Starbucks is almost an hour away, and her large collection of fancy shoes is worthless. But, living in the acres of green has presented more opportunities for living "green" as Bubblez travels the path toward self-sufficiency (and bitches ((and prays)) along the way).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because I Owe You One

I'm only writing because I feel like I owe you one. I mean, it's been a week. I'm sure it's been killing you that you haven't really heard from me. (I started this at about 2am last night and had my laptop die on me halfway through. I was tired anyway, thus, the attitude.)

The dieting nitty gritty involves me dropping another 1.5 pounds, for a total of 7. I only feel moderately good about this. After 4 weeks, it should have been at least 8, but then, I have not been terribly strict with myself this round. Typically, I do really well Monday through Thursday, and then I have a couple of beers on Friday night and everything begins to slide. This weekend, I went to two parties, both with lots of good food and cake, and me not eating cake is almost unheard of. People who know me look at me like something's wrong if I pass up cake. Cake, is wonderful.

I went shopping tonight and bought out the produce section. I meant to look at my receipt so that I could report to you how crazy it was, but I forgot and threw it away. I am really excited about all of the yummy stuff I got, though, and I am disappointed that I won't be able to eat any of it until tomorrow.

In the area of stress, I made some new 'imaginary' friends (Facebook) that have kept me laughing all week long, and I feel fantastic. Laughter really is the best medicine. I'm not worried about friends who want to be assholes, and I'm not worried about the Ohio thing (yet another interview this Thursday, btw). I am enjoying the freshness that smiling brings.

On that note, I am off to make a fruit salad. Have a great week.