Chicken Fried Vogue

For 15 years and most of her adult life, Bubblez lived in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city. She enjoyed taking her children to museums, parks, and dates at Starbucks. Then Bubblez moved to the country and her En Vogue attitude got chicken fried. Her yard is a park where the neighbor's rooster won't stop crowing, Starbucks is almost an hour away, and her large collection of fancy shoes is worthless. But, living in the acres of green has presented more opportunities for living "green" as Bubblez travels the path toward self-sufficiency (and bitches ((and prays)) along the way).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swearing Off Facebook and Beer

Two totally unrelated things: I'm swearing off Facebook and beer. People have said that I'm crazy for both.

The beer advocates stare into the hot summer sun, already drooling over the icey cold bottles and cans resting impatiently in their coolers. They know I'm an outdoorsy kind of gal, and they know that most casual outdoorsy activities are even more fun with beer. They look at me with sheer confusion and ask, "why?"

Because.... I want to go to Comicon. Yup. And spandex and beer don't mix. Now, if the beer lovers didn't think I was crazy enough, my kids think I have lost it completely. "It's a total nerdfest, mom!" They look at me with a mix of horror and admiration. I know they're jealous. The boys will even admit to it. My older, cooler (Harry Potter freak of a) daughter will not.

But imagine how awesome that will be. It's better than Halloween, I told them. Of course, having never been, and not being one who spends a lot of time with those weird mama's basement types, I've never even talked to anyone who has been. Aren't stereotypes wonderful?

I wanna go. I wanna play. Maybe, on some level, I just wanna be someone else for a little while. There's nothing wrong with that. There's not. We all want that, don't we? Don't we all want to be heroes? Or villains? Or Sonic the Hedgehog?

So, then there's Facebook. I'm not sure what the final straw was. I just got sick of it. I could go on with all the dirty nitty gritty (is dirty gritty superflous?) about what all bothered me, but I'd much rather talk about what all's happened since I left. It's been, what, about 30 hours? Obviously, I underestimated how compelling it is to express every minute activity of my day. I also feel like I've given up a valuable resource for when things go wrong in my life and I want advice. "There's a clicking sound coming from my left rear wheel." Crickets. Of course, I felt pretty stupid when it turned out to just be a rock stuck in the tire, so I did save myself that embarrassment.. until now.

So, I started tweeting, and Twitter is fun. No, it is. It's a lot of fun. I love the way I can scan headlines, read whole articles if I feel like it, get little tidbits of wisdom and humor. The trouble with Twitter is, when I read some little tweet or article and suddenly feel the need to jump on a soapbox, I can't. I have important things to say, dammit. I have opinions to share! Oh, look. A blog.

The other problem is that it's pretty one sided. Not intended to be a social network, it feels lonely. I miss the banter of Facebook. I do. I miss the discussions that would pop up sometimes. I miss feeling popular. That's a great illusion, man. And, it's an illusion that keeps me too much out of the real world.

What I really want is to sit across the table from someone and look into their eyes, smile, and nod, and laugh, and say, "yes, I agree," or "well, no, actually, I don't."

Come to think of it, maybe Facebook and beer (and comics and costumes) have quite a lot to do with each other. They help a body escape reality. I think the struggle back to 'real' is gonna be a lot harder than I thought. Maybe I will learn why 'real' is so hard, so undesirable, so... lonely? Or I may simply develop a better appreciation for imagination, relaxation, and playing pretend.