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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Graphic Sexual Content

Nikpod was kinda bummed today, not in a seriously down kinda way, just in a "well crap", kinda way. I guess he and his brother were watching some pretty funny YouTube cartoons when they were supposed to be sleeping last night, and when he got up this morning, they were gone. Banned. Shut down. Skaboosh.

He said he was laughing so hard his belly hurt. It was awesome, and he wanted to watch it again, but it was gone. Apparently, the owner of the account had typed something in the description along the lines of "Careful you guys or I'll get banned for life."

Sounds like something I want my 11 year old involved with.

"Well, son, websites will ban pages for 3 or maybe 4 reasons. One is if you're being mean to a group of people, like, if you're making fun of a certain race or because they're gay or something."

Nods of understanding.

"One is for lots of bad language, but I don't think YouTube does that. They just post that it might be offensive and that you have to be 18 to view it."

Nods again wondering whether or not to bring up just how many of the videos he watches have cussing.

"Also, they'll ban pages for sexual stuff."

Danger! How do I escape? flashes across his face.

"I mean if there are pictures of naked people and stuff."

"Ok. I get it."

"Well, like naked girls running on a beach or something. Or sometimes even stuff like naked baby pictures."


"Well, parents just see their babies as all cute and adorable, but there are some really messed up people in the world who uh, well, (shit...) well instead of being attracted to other grown ups like normal people, they're attracted to kids. I mean, Boots is 6, but I still think she's got a cute little tushy because I'm her mom, but she's too old for me to be posting pictures of her. Or like, even you. I'm your mom so I think you're just adorable and.."

"Ok. Stop."

"Well, I mean, it's not like I look at your tushy."

"That's because I don't let you." Warning look.

"And I respect your privacy."

"I appreciate that."
Another warning look and steps back a little.
"Uh ok. I really can't think of anything that was wrong with this video, though."

"YouTube will also ban accounts is if you're posting videos that someone else created."

"Ah. Pirating. You know, there are words for all of those things you just said. You didn't have to do all that talking."

Well. Listen to Mr. Smart Guy.

Sassy tone.
"Uh.. Graphic Sexual Content?"

"Yeah. There's a word for that."

"How else would you say it?"

Levels his gaze. "Porn."

"Oh. Well, ok then. Yeah. Well, the account could be banned for any of those reasons." My turn to step back.

"Right. Gotcha." And, he left the room.

So I told his father that they needed to have a talk. ;)

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